Addiction Treatment in Bethlehem, PA

Addiction treatment in Bethlehem is a bit different from person to person. Depending on the length you have been abusing substances, and your history of sobriety, your treatment team in a substance abuse recovery center will determine what is the best plan for you to follow when it comes to getting sober. Substance abuse treatment for your addiction will begin with an assessment to figure out what your next step is. A period of drug detox in Bethlehem will follow, and then you will work closely with a counselor to decide what treatment will best serve you for the next month or so.

Understanding Addiction Treatment in Bethlehem

Addiction is a physical and emotional dependence on drugs or alcohol that can't be stopped without substance abuse treatment. When you abuse substances, your body becomes physically addicted. When you try to stop using, your body craves the drugs or alcohol you are addicted to. Withdrawal symptoms can begin within a few hours of your last dose, and the symptoms can become very uncomfortable. The only way to stop the physical withdrawal symptoms is to use the substance once again. Without a substance abuse recovery center, your sobriety is at risk.

Types of Therapy Programs for Addiction Treatment in Bethlehem

There are a number of therapy treatments that work well as primary substance abuse treatment and those that are an excellent part of a substance abuse recovery strategy. 12-step programs are one of the more traditional programs followed by those in recovery from substance abuse. Individual counseling is necessary to work through the triggers that lead to substance abuse, and programs such as restorative yoga can help you build a stronger mind/body connection.

12-step programs are an effective part drug and alcohol rehab in Bethlehem because they are designed with long term support in mind. You'll begin by going to meetings and simply listening to the stories of others. You'll be able to share your own story, but you can also just absorb what is going on around you. In 12-step programs, you will begin your substance abuse recovery process. You'll meet peers who are going through the same struggles and you will follow a program of sobriety that works for many people. Over time, you'll find a sponsor who will be able to guide you through the 12 steps of the program. You will find the support you need for relapse prevention.

Individual therapy is also a highly recommended tool to support you in your sobriety. As you meet with a therapist, you will discuss what triggers your need to use substances. You will be able to develop a strong, supportive relationship with your therapist if you are honest and work hard in therapy. When you have a good connection with an individual therapist, you will have a neutral person you can discuss any of your concerns with. While you may be nervous about working with an individual therapist, this is a person who will be able to give you invaluable advice and insight into the decisions you make.

Restorative yoga and other therapeutic exercises or meditation can help you build the emotional stamina you need to live a sober lifestyle. Yoga is extremely helpful at allowing you to build a better mind/body connection. When you are more in tune with your body and your physical needs, you are better able to control the negative urges that could lead to a relapse. Restorative yoga will help you maintain an inner calm. You will also benefit physically from attending yoga regularly, as it improves circulation, muscle tone and balance.

Addiction treatment in Bethlehem is a lifelong process. In the early stages of recovery, you'll need to build up a support network of trusted individuals. This is done by finding a therapist and attending 12-step groups. Once you get comfortable at 12-step groups, you'll be able to identify a sponsor that can work with you. You will be encouraged to reach out to other members of the group on a daily basis. Early recovery is difficult, but as you build a support system it will become easier. You will learn the skills you will need for relapse prevention and you will get better at employing these strategies when you feel as if you are going to abuse substances. Your recovery will depend on your level of commitment, and you can live a sober life if you are determined to do so. Call now for help at (484) 357-1986.

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