Drug Detox in Bethlehem, PA

If you are ready to go to drug detox in Bethlehem, it's time to find the right drug detox treatment facility to meet your needs. Withdrawal from drugs can be difficult, and if this is your first attempt at sobriety, it's important to go to drug detox for addiction treatment. The process is hard, and the symptoms from withdrawal are often too difficult to cope with at home. Without the right support, many people turn back to the drugs they are addicted to in order to relieve the symptoms.

The Basics of Drug Detox in Bethlehem

At a drug detox treatment facility, you'll be assessed to determine if you need a medically-assisted detox. Most people need to be supervised as they go through withdrawal to keep symptoms under control with prescription medications. At a drug detox for addiction treatment, you will get the help you need to remove the drugs from your system in a safe manner. When you are physically addicted to drugs, the need to use substances can be overwhelming. Even if you try to stop substances on your own, it can be nearly impossible to do it without professional help. When you are ready to stop abusing drugs, it's time to ask for help.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Drug Detox in Bethlehem

The withdrawal symptoms you present at a drug detox treatment facility will depend on the drugs you have been taking, the length of time you have been abusing substances, and how much of the drugs you have consumed. When you receive drug detox for addiction treatment in Bethlehem, you will be able to handle the withdrawal symptoms more effectively. The range of symptoms can go from mild agitation, to extreme anxiety, shaking, depression and more.

As you begin the withdrawal process, you may start to feel tired or easily irritated as the drugs start leaving your system. You may become confused, or start to feel incredibly hopeless. This is why most people need supervision, as these symptoms lead to a relapse when you try to detox at home.

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the hardest to go through, and also one of the most life threatening. Withdrawing from alcohol can get dangerous quickly, as symptoms go from mild shakiness to severe tremors, seizures and even death very fast.

As you go through a drug detox treatment facility, you may feel physical pain, have stomach problems, or begin to lose touch with reality. Drug detox for addiction causes symptoms that are both physical and emotional. This is why supervision is often necessary, because you can be at risk for self-harm as you detox.

The Importance of Entering a Drug Detox in Bethlehem

When you need drug rehab in Bethlehem, asking for help is the first step. The recovery process takes time, but it begins with knowing that it's time to stop abusing the substances you have been taking. When you go through detox, you are giving yourself the chance to live a sober, healthier life. When you don't go to a facility for detox, your chances of remaining sober are slim. While you may be able to come off of the drugs you are addicted to at home, you won't have the emotional support you need to learn how to live a life of sobriety.

Why Some People are Hesitant to Enter a Drug Detox in Bethlehem

There are a variety of reasons that people are hesitant to enter a drug detox program. The biggest reason is that they are simply not ready to stop using drugs. Another major reason for a lack of getting treatment is an inability to pay for treatment or a lack of health care coverage. Some people are concerned that they will lose a job if they need to take time off for drug rehabilitation, while others state not knowing where to go to treatment is a deciding factor. When you are looking for a drug detox in Bethlehem, there are a number of treatment options available to you.

When you are ready to get your life back from drugs, it's time to enter a drug detox program. Once you begin the recovery process, you will build on your sobriety with the help of peers and staff. You will learn about the triggers that lead to your substance abuse, and you will learn coping skills that can help you maintain your new found sobriety. Call now for help at (484) 357-1986.

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