Alcohol Rehab in Bethlehem, PA

When you are addicted to alcohol, it's time to get help at an alcohol rehab in Bethlehem. Drinking alcohol is both legal and socially acceptable. It can be hard to know when you have crossed the line from social drinking to addictive behavior. When you begin to have trouble in your life because of your drinking, you may need an alcohol rehab. If you have tried to quit drinking on your own and you have not been successful, alcohol addiction treatment is probably necessary. When you are tired of alcohol controlling your life, it's time to find the right facility to meet your rehabilitation needs.

The Basics of Alcohol Addiction

If you are in need of alcohol rehab in Bethlehem, this means that you have an alcohol addiction that you are not able to control on your own. When you receive alcohol addiction treatment, you will be able to remove alcohol from your system with help. Alcohol addiction means that you can't stop drinking, even when you have tried to. Alcohol is physically addictive, and when you try to stop drinking you can experience mild to severe side effects. The addiction can wreak havoc in your life, causing you to make decisions that have a negative impact on your health, wealth and family.

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

When you abuse alcohol, you are putting your life at risk. Roughly 88,000 people per year die from alcohol related causes, making alcohol the fourth highest cause of preventable death. Short term use of alcohol can cause poor decision making that can lead to driving under the influence. Alcohol is a big factor in 31% of all road fatalities every year. Long term abuse of alcohol can lead to all kinds of health problems, eventually causing death.

Over a long period of time, alcohol causes problems with your liver and other organs. As your body works to eliminate the toxic alcohol from your system, eventually your organs become overloaded from the work. Many long term alcoholics suffer from cirrhosis of the liver, which will eventually lead to death.

Alcohol will also seep important nutrients from your body. Many alcoholics suffer from a serious Vitamin B deficiency. When you drink alcohol, it burns up the B vitamins in your body. Over time, this leads to complications with your nervous system. You can suffer from a variety of nervous system illnesses when you consume too much alcohol in your lifetime such as seizures, strokes, shakiness, and neuropathy.

The connection between cancer and alcohol abuse is also apparent. The more alcohol you consume over a lifetime, the higher your chances are of getting cancer of the mouth, liver, rectum, colon, esophagus and throat. If you are a smoker, your cancer risk gets even higher.

The Importance of Entering Alcohol Rehab in Bethlehem

Alcohol rehab is designed to get you to withdraw from alcohol in a safe manner. It is dangerous to try drug detox in Bethlehem without an alcohol rehab, as the withdrawal symptoms can become life threatening very quickly. While you may begin withdrawal with a few symptoms, you may become confused or dangerously ill within a matter of hours. Alcohol addiction treatment in Bethlehem will begin with a medically-assisted detox to make sure you get the treatment that you need throughout the process. You will be monitored closely by medical professionals and given prescription medications to control your symptoms if necessary.

Many people are afraid to enter alcohol rehab in Bethlehem because they don't know what to expect. Fear of the unknown and concern about what others are going to think keep some people from receiving the alcohol addiction treatment that they need from alcohol rehab. While you may be worried about your job or what others are going to think, it's time to get the help you need if you believe that you have an alcohol addiction.

When you are addicted to alcohol, it's time to stop and ask for treatment for your addiction. The process is lengthy, and relapse prevention will last a lifetime. As you learn to get the support you need to remain alcohol free, you will also learn that your addiction will take you time to overcome. As an alcoholic who takes the first step of going to rehab, you are giving yourself a chance at a better life. Call now for help at (484) 357-1986.

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