Drug Rehab in Bethlehem, PA

Drug rehab in Bethlehem is an early stage in the recovery process. When you are addicted to drugs, it is likely that your life is out of control. While you may be afraid to attend a drug rehab center, it's important to go to drug addiction rehab to get your life back. Recovery is a long process, but it begins with finding the help you need and accepting the help. You'll begin with an assessment to determine what your needs are, and then proceed to a detox center to withdraw safely from the drugs you are on. Further rehabilitation is then generally offered in the form of both inpatient and outpatient services.

Understanding the Basics of Drug Rehab in Bethlehem

A drug rehab center offers services to patients who are struggling with an ability to stop the drugs they are addicted to. The process starts with an assessment to see the condition you are in and the treatment you will need to detox. Most people go through a period of medically-assisted detox, as the withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to deal with. Once withdrawal is over, you may stay in a residential program for drug addiction rehab for a month in a highly structured environment to teach you the basics of relapse prevention techniques.

Types of Addiction Seen at Drug Rehab in Bethlehem

A drug rehab center sees people who are addicted to all types of drugs. Common drugs that require drug addiction rehab include opiates in the form of prescription pain pills or heroin. In addition, cocaine addiction is frequently observed. Whether you became addicted to drugs after a prescription for pain medications that got out of control, or you have been using illegal drugs for years, help is available to you when you ask for it.

Alcohol addiction is also treated in a rehab facility. Alcohol is a common addiction, and one that many people have a hard time admitting that they have. Drinking alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, making it easier for an alcoholic to hide their addiction for a long time. Alcohol is the most dangerous substance to detox from, as the withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it's important to be safe during the withdrawal period. When you try to detox on your own at home, you run a high risk of relapse. When symptoms begin, the easiest way to get rid of symptoms is to use the substance you are addicted to and this causes many people to relapse.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

When you are concerned that you might need drug rehab in Bethlehem, it's important to ask yourself a number of questions. If you are using prescription drug medication more often than prescribed, you may need addiction treatment in Bethlehem. If you are using illegal substances on a frequent basis, you probably need drug addiction rehab. If you've tried to stop using the drugs you are on and you can't do it on your own, you have an addiction. If you start to have withdrawal symptoms within a few hours of your last use, you need help for your drug addiction.

Treatment Options for Drug Addiction in Bethlehem

Once you complete drug detox in Bethlehem and attend programming at a rehabilitation facility, you have some choices when it comes to strengthening your relapse prevention strategies. Your therapist may suggest that you attend a longer term inpatient program so that you get support 24 hours a day. This is usually recommended for people who are new in their sobriety and who don't have much of a support network at home. When you are nervous about returning back into the community to soon, you can go to an inpatient facility instead.

If you have the support you need and feel good about returning home, you can get treatment on an outpatient basis. You'll still attend a program and go to groups throughout the day, but you'll go home each night. This is a great choice for people who relapsed for a short period, or for those that didn't have an intense, lengthy addiction to substances. Once you complete a period of rehabilitation, you can move on to a sober living facility for an extended stay before you return home for good. Call now for help at (484) 357-1986.

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